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Deployment of tactical KYC & AML team units across Financial Crime Operations. Let us show you the value we bring.

Managed Teams & Outsourcing

  • Deploying tactical team units to successfully deliver time-critical projects across Financial Crime Operations, KYC & AML

  • Rapid mobilisation of high performing consulting resource

  • Supplementing existing teams with advisory capability to close out key deliverables across a Financial Crime Compliance

The Solution

Our team deployment model continues to deliver outstanding value across our client base where rapid response is required to deliver backlog clearance programmes and supplement existing teams. Our fast-paced mobilisation and efficient ramp-up capabilities allow us to tackle key challenges at pace and deliver an immediate ROI.


We can deploy a team of 1-5 people within 24 hours, a medium-sized team of between 10-20 in 48hrs and a 50-person operational team within 1 week.


We can deploy teams on a cohort basis to phase in capability as a programme ramps up. We have the capabilities and talent network to scale a project team to 100+.

We have extensive experience working with firms under regulatory scrutiny and undergoing significant change and transformation.

You may be an emerging FinTech performing a catch-up on your KYC reviews, a Crypto organisation implementing KYC and CDD regulatory requirements, a Payments firm clearing a backlog of Sanction and PEP alerts or an established Financial Institution undertaking a KYC / CDD remediation across a particular line of business, our experienced teams are here to help.  

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